‪Minecraft in 5 Seconds (Original)

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GIF ANIMATION: http://i.imgur.com/58jT6.gif


A live action sequence portrays a man in a blue shirt and jeans extending his fist as if punching a tree. At that point, a cube of wood (like from a tree in the popular video game Minecraft) falls from the tree. The camera then cuts to a shot of the same man (same clothes and everything, though I can’t see his face, so perhaps it is a body double) standing behind a table, upon which can be seen the wood cube, as well as three diamonds, also from the popular video game Minecraft.

The man proceeds to mime punching the wooden cube, which splits into four wooden “plank” cubes. Once again, he “punches” the table, and this time the plank cubes split into several sticks (most likely also from Minecraft).

Finally, the man scoops up the three diamonds as well as two of the sticks. A strange yellow glow envelopes his hands as he does so. The camera quickly cuts to a silhouetted arm (presumably the same man), this time holding a diamond pickaxe, an item often coveted for its longevity of use in the video game Minecraft.

Behind the shadow of a man and pickaxe, there can briefly be seen a star-burst of yellow stripes, as is seen in cartoons or comics when a character has received an item of some novelty, or achieved a previously unattainable goal. It is at this moment that the screen quickly turns black, and an explosion of fire rises from the bottom of the screen. Large, ominous letters appear, spelling out the word “MINECRAFT” in the font used before 1.4 (undoubtedly from the popular video game Minecraft).

(Courtesy of jkdeadite from Reddit)