Minecraft Purple Coin Challenge (Mario Galaxy in Minecraft)

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The obstacle course took me about a day to make, and I spent another day in post-production.

Minecraft Purple Coin Challenge (Mario Galaxy) by MusicalWolfe

IMPORTANT NOTE: It seems like people are having trouble with chunks only partially loading, which makes all the redstone wiring not work as it should. I can only recommend using something like Optimine to pre-load faraway chunks, and/or waiting about 30 seconds for everything to load before you start the level. This world has a very large amount of redstone wiring hidden under the lava.

tl;dr I accept no responsibility for Minecraft’s own oddities and inconsistencies.

How To Play The Challenge:

  1. Read the Important Note above.

  2. Download the world and purple coin texture pack and unzip it: https://files.musicalwolfe.com/yt/PurpleCoinPack.zip

  3. Place the world folder in your ‘.minecraft/saves’ folder and the texture pack ‘PurplePack.zip’ in your ‘.minecraft/texturepacks’ folder.

  4. Open Minecraft, click ‘Mods and Texture Packs’ and click ‘Purple Pack’. This will retexture the flowers as purple coins.

  5. Start up the world - you have about 2 minutes to start the level before the items start to decay. Time starts when you open the first door, and it stops when you hit the final lever. Falling in Lava disqualifies you completely, even if you happen to survive.

ALSO Make sure to save a pristine copy of the world before you play it, that way you can just copy it over again and put the coins back out if you fall in the lava!