VVVVVV Predestined Fate - Minecraft Note Blocks

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So I’m back for a bit! Sorry about the long wait between videos, I’ve actually been developing a new video game in Game Maker Studio for the past few months!

ORIGINAL VVVVVV SONG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv_lcgLFJmc

MINECRAFT NOTE BLOCK DOWNLOAD: https://files.musicalwolfe.com/yt/mc/Predestined-Fate-Note-Blocks.zip

Anyway it’s a casual side scrolling game where the focus is on efficiency rather than dexterity. Its demo was one of the finalists for the campus-wide UC Santa Cruz Sammy Game Awards, so I got to present it in front of hundreds of people!

Project Page: http://games.soe.ucsc.edu/project/puff

And it was one of the finalists for Sound Design /)^3^(\

It’s going to have an original piano and violin soundtrack by me, and as many fun levels as we can possibly create to explore (I’m working with a classmate and good friend of mine). So look forward over the next month or two to a couple miscellaneous videos I’ve been saving up, and at the end I’ll do a teaser trailer and hopefully launch this fall!

Cheers, MusicalWolfe~